About the Author/Contributors

Laura Civello Hearn  

When Laura Civello Hearn was asked, at age four, what she wanted to be when she grew up, she proudly declared “A dog of course!” When she realized that was not genetically possible, she settled on being a veterinarian. Her first job was at a veterinary clinic and she discovered that she fainted at the sight of blood. She moved to Petco to “make dogs pretty” and graduated from the academy in 2007. She has since worked in a variety of grooming settings including a corporate salon, doggie day care, and as an employee of a mobile grooming company.

She moved to College Station, TX in 2011 with only her tools, talent, and a dream: to groom pets in clients’ homes. She started Lazy Daisy Pet Care, named after her “heart dog”, Daisy. Once she found this sweet spot, she knew that her soul’s purpose was to be a house-call pet groomer. The next step was to tell the world about it! 

In 2013, she started giving educational seminars about house-call grooming and has spoken at various trade shows, including Atlanta Pet Fair, All American Grooming Show, and Groom Expo. Her goal with this book is to educate and inform as many groomers and pet owners as possible about this type of grooming service.

Laura has since relocated to Austin, TX. She lives with her husband, Gentry, Shih Tzu Lucky and Bob the cat!


Foreword by
Daryl Conner

Daryl Conner is a Master Pet Stylist (MPS), Meritus with the International Society of Canine Cosmetology (ISCC), and a Certified Master Cat Groomer (CMCG). She has loved grooming dogs and cats for over 30 years. An award-winning photo journalist, she shares her meadow-hugged Maine farmhouse with her beloved husband and a LOT of animals.


Author of Chapter 10: Facing the Divine Feline in their Temple (House-Call Cat Grooming) 
Chris "Bear" Anthony


Chris Anthony grew up around cats. They were her constant companion from before she could walk.  After years of begging her parents for a dog, she finally moved out; and adopted a cat. Getting the dog ended up taking a few more years, but by that time it was too late. A house just did not feel like a home without a cat.

After several unfulfilling years in office work and retail management, she finally landed where she belonged: working with dogs and cats. She was Inspired by her rescue dog, Norbert, she joined the grooming industry. She figured that if she could manage to bathe her aqua-phobic Shar-Pei mix, grooming dogs was the next natural choice of career. Cat grooming soon followed.

Her almost fifteen-year journey in the industry has let her go from bathing to grooming to managing pet salons. Eventually this led her to realized two of her most favorite things so far: owning her own house-call grooming business and attending grooming trade shows.

When Chris started her house call grooming business, it was with the intention of saving for a mobile unit. However, after seeing how much of a need there was for this type of unique service and calculating the higher overhead of a mobile van, plans for a mobile unit disappeared as she began to focus on being able to do house call for as long as possible.

Chris was supported in these long-term longevity goals by the great folks at Evolution Shears, who produce ergonomic shears specifically tailored toward the groomer’s hand, so she can check off possible carpal tunnel off the list of worries. Her work with Evolution Shears has also allowed her to attend grooming conventions across the country.  Chris can be found at the E3 booth at most major grooming trade shows throughout the year and has begun to share her knowledge and experiences through speaking at conventions.